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Manchester city wappen

manchester city wappen

Das Wappen basiert auf dem Arsenal der Stadt Manchester und zeigt einen Schild vor einem goldenen Adler. Dez. Manchester City geht ab Sommer mit einem neuen Wappen hausieren. In großer Fan-Feebackrunde hat der Verein alle Wünsche. Dez. Manchester City, viermaliger englischer Meister, wird ab dem kommenden Sommer mit neuem Vereinswappen auflaufen. Der vom Chilenen.

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EUR 25,99 Sofort-Kaufen 8d 21h. EUR 18,88 Sofort-Kaufen 21d 19h. Throughout the Middle Ages Manchester remained a manorial township , but began to expand "at an astonishing rate" around the turn of the 19th century.

Manchester achieved city status in Its fortune declined after the Second World War , owing to deindustrialisation , but the IRA bombing in led to extensive investment and regeneration.

In , the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network ranked Manchester as a beta world city , the highest-ranked British city apart from London.

Manchester hosted the Commonwealth Games. These are generally thought to represent a Latinisation of an original Brittonic name , either from mamm- " breast ", in reference to a " breast-like hill " or from mamma " mother ", in reference to a local river goddess.

Both meanings are preserved in Insular Celtic languages , such as mam meaning "breast" in Irish and "mother" in Welsh.

The Brigantes were the major Celtic tribe in what is now known as Northern England ; they had a stronghold in the locality at a sandstone outcrop on which Manchester Cathedral now stands, opposite the banks of the River Irwell.

Following the Roman conquest of Britain in the 1st century, General Agricola ordered the construction of a fort named Mamucium in the year 79 to ensure that Roman interests in Deva Victrix Chester and Eboracum York were protected from the Brigantes.

The Roman habitation of Manchester probably ended around the 3rd century; its civilian settlement appears to have been abandoned by the mid-3rd century, although the fort may have supported a small garrison until the late 3rd or early 4th century.

Thomas de la Warre, lord of the manor , founded and constructed a collegiate church for the parish in Manchester is mentioned as having a market in Although not long-lasting, Cromwell granted it the right to elect its own MP.

Charles Worsley , who sat for the city for only a year, was later appointed Major General for Lancashire, Cheshire and Staffordshire during the Rule of the Major Generals.

He was a diligent puritan , turning out ale houses and banning the celebration of Christmas; he died in The canal was extended to the Mersey at Runcorn by The combination of competition and improved efficiency halved the cost of coal and halved the transport cost of raw cotton.

Manchester began expanding "at an astonishing rate" around the turn of the 19th century as people flocked to the city for work from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and other areas of England as part of a process of unplanned urbanisation brought on by the Industrial Revolution.

Similarly, the chemical industry started by producing bleaches and dyes, but expanded into other areas.

Commerce was supported by financial service industries such as banking and insurance. Trade, and feeding the growing population, required a large transport and distribution infrastructure: Competition between the various forms of transport kept costs down.

This enabled oceangoing ships to sail right into the Port of Manchester. One such gathering ended with the Peterloo Massacre of 16 August The economic school of Manchester capitalism developed there, and Manchester was the centre of the Anti-Corn Law League from onward.

The economics books Marx was reading at the time can be seen in the library, as can the window seat where Marx and Engels would meet. Manchester was an important cradle of the Labour Party and the Suffragette Movement.

At that time, it seemed a place in which anything could happen—new industrial processes, new ways of thinking the Manchester School , promoting free trade and laissez-faire , new classes or groups in society, new religious sects, and new forms of labour organisation.

It attracted educated visitors from all parts of Britain and Europe. A saying capturing this sense of innovation survives today: Many of the great public buildings including Manchester Town Hall date from then.

In , when county councils were created in England, the municipal borough became a county borough with even greater autonomy.

Although the Industrial Revolution brought wealth to the city, it also brought poverty and squalor to a large part of the population.

Historian Simon Schama noted that "Manchester was the very best and the very worst taken to terrifying extremes, a new kind of city in the world; the chimneys of industrial suburbs greeting you with columns of smoke".

The number of cotton mills in Manchester itself reached a peak of in Cotton processing in other parts of the world increased, often on machines produced in Manchester.

Manchester suffered greatly from the Great Depression and the underlying structural changes that began to supplant the old industries, including textile manufacture.

Manchester was thus the target of bombing by the Luftwaffe , and by late air raids were taking place against non-military targets. A large part of the historic city centre was destroyed, including warehouses, business premises, and offices.

Cotton processing and trading continued to fall in peacetime, and the exchange closed in Traffic declined, and the port closed in Manchester lost , jobs in manufacturing between and Regeneration began in the late s, with initiatives such as the Metrolink , the Bridgewater Concert Hall , the Manchester Arena , and in Salford the rebranding of the port as Salford Quays.

Two bids to host the Olympic Games were part of a process to raise the international profile of the city. Manchester has a history of attacks attributed to Irish Republicans, including the Manchester Martyrs of , arson in , a series of explosions in , and two bombs in On Saturday 15 June , the Provisional Irish Republican Army IRA carried out the Manchester bombing , the detonation of a large bomb next to a department store in the city centre.

Large sections of the city dating from the s have been either demolished and re-developed or modernised with the use of glass and steel. Old mills have been converted into modern apartments, Hulme has undergone extensive regeneration programmes, and million-pound lofthouse apartments have since been developed.

The bomb killed 23, including the attacker, and injured over Since around the turn of the 21st century, Manchester has been regarded by sections of the international press, [53] British public, [54] and government ministers as being the second city of the United Kingdom.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority , with a directly elected mayor , has responsibilities for economic strategy and transport, amongst other areas, on a Greater Manchester-wide basis.

Manchester has been a member of the English Core Cities Group since its inception in The town of Manchester was granted a charter by Thomas Grelley in , but lost its borough status in a court case of Until the 19th century local government was largely in the hands of manorial courts , the last of which was dissolved in From a very early time , the township of Manchester lay within the historic or ceremonial county boundaries of Lancashire.

Manchester later formed its own Poor Law Union using the name "Manchester". Manchester regained its borough status in , and comprised the townships of Beswick , Cheetham Hill , Chorlton upon Medlock and Hulme.

In , Manchester was granted "city status" in the United Kingdom. In , the city became a county borough as did many larger Lancashire towns, and therefore not governed by Lancashire County Council.

In November , it was announced that Greater Manchester would receive a new directly elected Mayor. The Mayor would have fiscal control over health, transport, housing and police in the area.

The city centre is on the east bank of the River Irwell , near its confluences with the Rivers Medlock and Irk , and is relatively low-lying, being between 35 to 42 metres to feet above sea level.

Much of the inner city, especially in the south, is flat, offering extensive views from many highrise buildings in the city of the foothills and moors of the Pennines, which can often be capped with snow in the winter months.

These features are its climate, its proximity to a seaport at Liverpool , the availability of water power from its rivers, and its nearby coal reserves.

The name Manchester, though officially applied only to the metropolitan district within Greater Manchester, has been applied to other, wider divisions of land, particularly across much of the Greater Manchester county and urban area.

There is a mixture of high-density urban and suburban locations in Manchester. The largest open space in the city, at around hectares acres , [64] is Heaton Park.

Manchester is contiguous on all sides with several large settlements, except for a small section along its southern boundary with Cheshire.

The M60 and M56 motorways pass through the south of Manchester, through Northenden and Wythenshawe respectively. Heavy rail lines enter the city from all directions, the principal destination being Manchester Piccadilly station.

Cfb , like much of the British Isles, with mild summers and cool winters. Summer daytime temperatures regularly top 20 Celsius, typically reaching 25 Celsius on sunny days throughout July and August in particular.

In more recent years, temperatures now reach over 30 Celsius on occasions. There is regular but generally light precipitation throughout the year.

Manchester lies at the centre of a green belt region that extends into the wider surrounding counties, which is in place to reduce urban sprawl, prevent the towns in the conurbation from further convergence, protect the identity of outlying communities, and preserve nearby countryside.

This is achieved by restricting inappropriate development within the designated areas, and imposing stricter conditions on permitted building.

Racial structure, according to the census [2]. Religious beliefs, according to the census [2]. Historically the population of Manchester began to increase rapidly during the Victorian era , estimated at , for Manchester and , for Salford in , [80] and peaking at , in From then the population began to decrease rapidly, due to slum clearance and the increased building of social housing overspill estates by Manchester City Council after the Second World War such as Hattersley and Langley.

The Mid-Year Estimate for the population of Manchester was , This was an increase of 7,, or 1. Since , the population has grown by 87,, or Manchester was the third fastest-growing of the areas in the census.

This represents a slower rate of growth than the previous decade. The Greater Manchester Built-up Area had a population of 2,, est. An estimated 2,, people live in Greater Manchester est.

Between the beginning of July and end of June Mid-Year Estimate date , births exceeded deaths by 4, Migration internal and international and other changes accounted for a net increase of 3, people between July and June Compared to Greater Manchester and England, Manchester has a younger population, with a particularly large 20—35 age group.

The proportion of people with no religious affiliation increased by Manchester has a disproportionately high number of gay and lesbian people.

In terms of ethnic composition , the City of Manchester has the highest non-white proportion of any district in Greater Manchester.

Statistics from the census showed that The area also attracts large numbers of Chinese students to the city who, in attending the local universities, [90] contribute to Manchester having the third-largest Chinese population in Europe.

The Manchester Larger Urban Zone , a Eurostat measure of the functional city-region approximated to local government districts, has a population of 2,, in The economy grew relatively strongly between and , where growth was 2.

As the UK economy continues to recover from the downturn experienced in —10, Manchester compares favourably to other geographies according to the latest figures.

Women fare better in Manchester than the rest of the country in terms of equal pay to men. The per hours worked gender pay gap is 3.

Manchester has the largest UK office market outside London according to GVA Grimley with a quarterly office uptake averaged over —14 of approximately , square ft — equivalent to the quarterly office uptake of Leeds , Liverpool and Newcastle combined and 90, square feet more than the nearest rival Birmingham.

The widespread use of red brick characterises the city, much of the architecture of which harks back to its days as a global centre for the cotton trade.

Manchester Town Hall , in Albert Square , was built in the Gothic revival style and is considered to be one of the most important Victorian buildings in England.

The Green Building , opposite Oxford Road station , is a pioneering eco-friendly housing project, while the recently completed One Angel Square , is one of the most sustainable large buildings in the world.

Today the city is well served by the rail network, [] and is at the centre of an extensive countywide railway network, including the West Coast Main Line , with two mainline stations: Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria.

Manchester became the first city in the UK to acquire a modern light rail tram system when the Manchester Metrolink opened in The city has one of the most extensive bus networks outside London with over 50 bus companies operating in the Greater Manchester region radiating from the city.

The airport is the third busiest in the United Kingdom and the largest outside the London region. Airline services exist to many destinations in Europe, North America, the Caribbean , Africa, the Middle East and Asia with more destinations from Manchester than any other airport in Britain.

The airport has the highest rating available: A smaller airfield, City Airport Manchester , also exists 9.

An extensive canal network, including the Manchester Ship Canal , was built to carry freight from the Industrial Revolution onward; the canals are still maintained, though now largely repurposed to leisure use.

Singer-songwriter Ren Harvieu is also from Greater Manchester. Its main pop music venue is the Manchester Arena , which was voted "International Venue of the Year" in There is also a chamber orchestra , the Manchester Camerata.

Smaller performance spaces include the Contact Theatre and Z-arts in Hulme. The Dancehouse on Oxford Road is dedicated to dance productions.

Housing two theatre spaces, five cinemas and an art exhibition space, it replaced the Cornerhouse and The Library Theatre. Since the city has hosted the Manchester International Festival , a biennial international arts festival with a specific focus on original new work, which has included major new commissions by artists including Bjork.

A reconstructed part of the Roman fort of Mamucium is open to the public in Castlefield. In the south of the city, the Whitworth Art Gallery displays modern art, sculpture and textiles and was recently voted Museum of the Year in The works of Stretford -born painter L.

Lowry , known for his "matchstick" paintings of industrial Manchester and Salford, can be seen in both the city and Whitworth Manchester galleries, and at the Lowry art centre in Salford Quays in the neighbouring borough of Salford which devotes a large permanent exhibition to his works.

The library was founded in and lays claim to being the oldest public library in the English-speaking world. Elsewhere in the city, the John Rylands Library holds an extensive collection of early printing.

The Rylands Library Papyrus P52 , believed to be the earliest extant New Testament text, is on permanent display in the library.

Charles Dickens is reputed to have set his novel Hard Times in the city, and while it is partly modelled on Preston , it shows the influence of his friend Mrs Gaskell.

Anthony Burgess is among the 20th century writers who made Manchester their home, he wrote the dystopian satire A Clockwork Orange in John Cooper Clarke the performance poet who first became famous during the punk rock era of the late s when he became known as a "punk poet" grew up here.

The night-time economy of Manchester has expanded significantly since about , with investment from breweries in bars, public houses and clubs, along with active support from the local authorities.

Many of the big clubs suffered problems with organised crime at that time; Haslam describes one where staff were so completely intimidated that free admission and drinks were demanded and given and drugs were openly dealt.

In , Manchester was often referred to as Madchester for its rave scene. Known for developing many talented s influential acts, it also influenced the graphic design industry via Factory artists such as Peter Saville PSA , Octavo 8vo , Central Design Station, etc.

The memorabilia from this club holds a high value among collectors and fans of these artists and the club. Peter Saville was most notable for his minimalistic influence that still affects contemporary graphic design everywhere.

Since the opening of new bars and clubs, the area attracts 20, visitors each weekend [] and has hosted a popular festival, Manchester Pride , each August since There are three universities in the City of Manchester.

Manchester Metropolitan University was formed as Manchester Polytechnic on the merger of three colleges in Established in , [] as a free grammar school next to what is now the Cathedral, it moved in to Old Hall Lane in Fallowfield, south Manchester, to accommodate the growing student body.

In the post-war period, it was a direct grant grammar school i. There are three schools nearby: The LEA also had the highest occurrence of absences, with Manchester is well known for being a city of sport.

Manchester has hosted domestic, continental and international football competitions at Fallowfield Stadium , Maine Road , Old Trafford and the City of Manchester Stadium.

The Manchester Velodrome was built as a part of the bid for the games and has become a catalyst for British success in cycling.

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Views Read Change Change source View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last changed on 4 January , at See Terms of Use for details.

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